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Since way back in 1960, Salt Spring Garbage & Recycling Company (the original trash heroes) have been cleaning up the community's act on Salt Spring Island. At first, we were just a humble landfill, but in 1990 we decided to spruce things up and become a solid waste transfer station. Throughout all these years, we've remained a fan favorite – family-owned and operated since day uno!

At Salt Spring Garbage & Recycling, we're the ultimate one-stop-trash-shop. Need to toss out your old stuff? We got you covered. We offer residential and commercial garbage pickups, and we're all about that construction life too – renting out snazzy 12- and 40-yard bins! Plus, we operate a solid waste transfer station right at 360 Blackburn Road. But wait, there's more! We're also green heroes, recycling metal, cardboard, drywall, small appliances, paper, electronic drywall, clean wood and green waste.

So, got some waste that needs banishing on the Island? We're the wizards for that! And do you know what's even cooler than being cool? We're home to the Blackburn mall, where all profits from donations magically transform back into the community as scholarships and donations. A win-win for all, right?


Our Services

We offer a complete range of garbage and recycling services for both residential and commercial customers


Asbestos Hauling

Salt Spring Garbage is the only local company certified and licensed to carry Asbestos-containing material off the Island.

Salt Spring Garbage & Recycling Company is

one of the biggest recyclers on the island


Hey there, eco-warriors of Salt Spring Island! When you recycle, you're basically giving Mother Nature a big ol' hug. Swing by our solid waste transfer station, where we'll happily take your metal, cardboard, itty-bitty or ginormous appliances, gadgets, paper, squeaky-clean wood, green waste, and even your dull drywall. We'll sort, process, and send those materials to be reborn as fantastic new products in industries like manufacturing and construction. With your rockin' recycling efforts, we're preserving precious resources, kicking waste to the curb, and creating a greener future for our island. You go, green hero!

Salt Spring garbage started as a landfill and in 1990 we transitioned to a solid waste transfer station. We recycle wood, metal, drywall, cardboard, small appliances and electronics.


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    Garbage transfer station with a twist. There is a garbage area that you can leave your usable items at (once you paid to dispose of them) and items you buy there are by donations and the donations are given away each year as scholarships at the local high school. Some good finds there and using things from there keeps them out of the landfill. It's Salt Spring Garbage Services but the locals all call it the 'Blackburn Mall'
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    Always very helpful I go for the landscaping and decorating......superb!
    Jill Lee